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Do you know a great doctor with expertise or experience in treating female carriers of your x-linked condition? Please recommend them for our RTG Provider Network!

Carriers of x-linked recessive disorders know how difficult it can be to find a doctor who understands that females can develop physical symptoms of their disorder, much less treat those symptoms. Indeed, Remember the Girls’ 2019 survey of more than 430 carriers revealed that a whopping 91% feel they do not have sufficient access to physicians knowledgeable about the possible symptoms and risks associated with being a carrier. Fortunately, there are doctors out there who do specialize in and/or have a demonstrated interest in treating females with x-linked recessive disorders. 


The Remember the Girls Provider Network was developed to help carriers locate medical providers who understand and can meet their unique challenges. This network is comprised of a constantly-expanding list of doctors, physical therapists and clinics, and was developed based upon the recommendations of female carriers themselves, as well as providers who have contacted us indicating that they have experience and/or a substantial interest in treating and/or following x-linked carriers.


We would greatly appreciate your taking the time to help us develop this database by recommending a medical provider whom you have found to be particularly knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to treating females who carry your x-linked disorder. After we receive your recommendation, we will send an email asking if they would like to be included in our network. In order to protect your privacy, we will not disclose your name. Thank you for your help!

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